April 13

Tips for a Successful Yacht Party

Planning to throw a party sometime soon? If you are still searching for the suitable party venue, here is a fresh suggestion – a Yacht. Yacht is a premier location for a party your guests will never forget. A yacht has all the elements for hosting the perfect party – the glistening waves, shining sun and cool breeze – what more can you ask for?

However, there are a few preparation tips to remember before you send out the invites.

  • Be firm with your guests’ attendance – let your guests know that RSVPs are required by a certain deadline. Once the required number of guests confirm their attendance, close your invites.

  • Go scouting for the perfect yacht – Just as you go out searching for the best party venue, similarly you must find out the perfect sailing vessel that has all the facilities you are looking for. If you have your own yacht, then hire a professional boat management service in Monaco to keep your boat in top condition to host a party.

  • Know what facilities you are getting with charter fees – You must scrutinize carefully what facilities are included in the charter fees. Look out for the important features like fully equipped kitchens, generator, barbeque pits, etc.

  • Make sure you have enough food and drinks – In a yacht party, once you set sail remember, there is no way to get additional supplies! So you must ensure that you stock up enough food and drinks for your guests. You can also get a caterer who can help you plan your meals well.

  • Play on the music – No party is complete without great music! Find out if the yacht is equipped with a good sound system. Otherwise you must arrange for your own boom box and a party perfect music collection. Good music can multiply the fun in your party. If you can spare some extra money, you can hire musicians to play live music.

  • Be prepared for emergency – It’s your party so you must be prepared with contingency plans. Make sure that you have a few things in place – fire extinguisher, first aid kits, and enough life jackets. There could be a power failure on the cruise so you must keep the torches and batteries handy.

Follow these tips and your yacht party will surely be a success. All you need is a great yacht that has been well maintained and is in a good condition. If you are a yacht owner, get your boat party ready with the help of boat management and boat repair services in Monaco being offered by Masteryacht Boat Management.


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