We look after your boat, you go at sea and enjoy

We provide reliable services for boat owners who care. We offer maintenance packages through a membership program to help you really have fun and not worry about the hassle

What we do

Your boat always ready to go, all year round, no worries

We help you to get the most out of your boat. We prevent you from getting to your boat with your family only to discover the engine won't start, ruining your day!


Through our maintenance packages ! Customized to meet your needs, we schedule visits onboard with a set of technical checks and a cleaning along with the yearly mainteance.

You go to the boat, you go out without worrying about anything !

Scheduled technical checks

Your boat is regularly checked throughly to make sure all is good : dry bilges, engine, mooring and more (ask for our checklist)

Cleaning and detailing

Wether for a quick clean or a deep, thorough detailing, we use the best eco-friendly marine products and our yacht crew background staff for showroom condition results.

Monthly fee

Our monthly subscription will allow you to save money, spread the cost of the maintenance instead of having to pay everything at the same time when the season comes.

why we do it

We understand

Having a boat is great opportunity to enjoy some time with friends and family...But...

Is also worrying to leave the boat unattended  for a long time because you leave far from it...

It would be great to have someone locally to check on the boat, keep it clean and get informed if anything is wrong.

That way, you don't have to waste time fixing things upon arrival !


Special services for members only

  • Delivery onboard
  • Coaching : how to use, maintain your boat
  • Laundry service
  • Boat delivery
  • ...and more


What boat owners like you say about it

A boat in perfect condition which allows me to spend more time on the water

I appreciate the services of Master Yacht which allows me to always have a boat in perfect condition and to make the most of the time on the water. Living far away, I am happy to have found in Florian a person of trust

Frank Aranzana

Reliable and trustworthy

I have been a client of MYS for the past 18 months and they are very reliable and trustworthy. They keep my boat in perfect conditions throughout the winter and they are always available when I need an extra job. Florian is a very nice person who will always treat you fairly. He can do any job related to your boat and will introduce you the right person if he can't.

Pasquale Cataldi

Responsive, competent, available professional

MYS is a responsive, competent, available professional. I get a boat ready and clean every summer thank you! (offers innovative solutions: monthly subscription fees, online monitoring etc ...)

Emmanuel van den Broek

Excellent service

Excellent services at very reasonable prices! I had a nano protection on my boat it's beautiful! Thank you...

Franch Chantereau

Quality work and meet the deadline

Master Yacht Services is a trustworthy pro, they did quality work and met the deadline, he is clear, communicates well and likes a job well done. In addition to my catamaran he has a bearing on the failure of the shipyard that had taken two days late and planted on the sanding, he did not hesitate to sacrifice his weekend, to make my boat ready and on time. A big thank-you.

Jean-christophe VIDAL-REVEL

Professionalism, Availability and Kindness

Professionalism, Availability and Kindness. Florian has been taking care of my boat for over a year and it is a pleasure to find his boat clean, maintained and ready to sail. Do not hesitate to trust him.

Dominique Lallouette

I thoroughly recommend

Master Yacht Services will look after your boat as if it is his own. I thoroughly recommend Master Yacht Services.

Roderick Seligman

Excellent service and very reasonable costs

Excellent service and very reasonable costs. Florian provides great flexibility for me to use my boat when I want and know that all housekeeping chores and maintenance are taken care of. I am very happy to recommend Master Yacht Services to anyone who wants a professional and diligent support service for their boat.

Ian Brook

Always delivers on his promises

I would recommend Master Yacht Services to anyone. Florian is a great professional, who takes care of yachts the way one should. Always delivers on his promises, and always willing to go the extra mile, even on very short notice. We have been with Master Yacht Services for more than three years, and are extremely satisfied.

WGH Classic

Your boat will be always ready to go

Very good service ... Master Boat passes every month to clean and rotate my boat ... It is always ready to spend beautiful days at sea ... So trust Master Yacht for your boat, you are sure he will always be ready to sail ...

Yann Moaligou

Very professional and friendly service.

Very professional and friendly service.

Stephen Eckett

Reassuring for a remote follow-up

Completely satisfied with the intervention of MASTERYACHT with a respect of the commitments and a very beautiful video of follow-up of the intervention. Very reassuring for remote monitoring. I recommend


Super service

Super service, professional, very responsive and especially very friendly. I really appreciated his kindness in my requirements. I recommend Master Yacht Service.

John NG

we are sure that our boat is in good hands

We met Florian through our pontoon neighbor, we are delighted and serene to have entrusted him with the maintenance of our boat. We live far from Cannes and we are sure that our boat is in good hands.
Thanks Florian!


High international standards

We have been a client since last fall and the service offered by Master Yacht Services is of high international standards. Always quick in their replies and precise yet flexible in execution of any task. Highly recommended!

Edgar Paul Buse

Absolutely superb

Absolutely superb. Highly recommended. Master Yacht Service is professional, reliable and a pleasure to deal with. We will be yachting with you for many years to come. ??

James Jaffa

Membership packages examples


Simple, effective, a technician is checking on your boat




  • 24/7 remote boat monitoring device included
  • 6 technical checks visits
  • Maintenance schedule

Your boat is always clean and ready to go




  • 12  technical checks visits
  • 1 thorough exterior cleaning / month
  • Maintenance schedule

These are just examples we offer custom packages to meet your needs !

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