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We provide reliable services for boat owners who care. We offer maintenance packages through a membership program to help you really have fun and not worry about the hassle

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What we do

Your boat always ready to go, all year round, no worries

We help you to get the most out of your boat. We prevent you from getting to your boat with your family only to discover the engine won't start, ruining your day!


Through our maintenance packages ! Customized to meet your needs, we schedule visits onboard with a set of technical checks and a cleaning along with the yearly mainteance.

You go to the boat, you go out without worrying about anything !

Scheduled technical checks

Your boat is regularly checked throughly to make sure all is good : dry bilges, engine, mooring and more (ask for our checklist)

Cleaning and detailing

Wether for a quick clean or a deep, thorough detailing, we use the best eco-friendly marine products and our yacht crew background staff for showroom condition results.

Monthly fee

Our monthly subscription will allow you to save money, spread the cost of the maintenance instead of having to pay everything at the same time when the season comes.

why we do it

We understand

Having a boat is great opportunity to enjoy some time with friends and family...But...

Is also worrying to leave the boat unattended  for a long time because you leave far from it...

It would be great to have someone locally to check on the boat, keep it clean and get informed if anything is wrong.

That way, you don't have to waste time fixing things upon arrival !


Private boat concierge services for members only

  • Delivery onboard
  • Coaching : how to use, maintain your boat
  • Laundry service
  • Boat delivery
  • ...and more


What boat owners like you say about it

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I'm Florian Arneodo

I am a former Yacht Captain, I created Master Yacht Services in 2010 to offer boaters a complete boat maintenance and management service.

I have transposed the rigor and demanding working methods of professional yachting to work for anyone who has a boat.

The main objective is the satisfaction of our customers and nothing is more rewarding for me than seeing them enjoy their boat to the fullest : they put their luggages on board, start the  engine and go to sea without any problem!

Membership packages examples


Simple, effective, a technician is checking on your boat




  • 24/7 remote boat monitoring device included
  • 6 technical checks visits
  • Maintenance schedule

Your boat is always clean and ready to go




  • 12  technical checks visits
  • 1 thorough exterior cleaning / month
  • Maintenance schedule

These are just examples we offer custom packages to meet your needs !

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