September 2

Launch of the LiveYacht network, the boat maintenance service by subscription and live monitoring 2.0


Owner of a boat, you can set sail whenever you want, and experience unforgettable moments with family or friends... provided it is in good condition!

Between dirt, mold, breakdowns, and other inconveniences, a sea trip can quickly turn into a nightmare.

It is to free owners from the constraints of cleaning, maintenance and repair that Master Yacht Services was founded.

Given the success of our subscription concept, today we are launching our national branch network.

Named LiveYacht, it will offer yachtsmen the top-of-the-range services and methods that have made Master Yacht Services famous, as well as an application allowing boats to be monitored and maintenance-related services to be monitored remotely, live. .Enter your text here...

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A full range of services dedicated to boat owners

LiveYacht is a network of agencies built on the model of Master Yacht Services, which is based in Golfe-Juan.

Initially, three new service points will open their doors in Toulon in the Var, in Port-Vendres and in Canet-en-Roussillon in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

LiveYacht offers monthly subscriptions, which include maintenance and monitoring of the boat, with monthly or bi-monthly visits to ensure that everything is running smoothly on board.

After each visit, LiveYacht customers receive a report by email or WhatsApp, with photos and videos of the boat, as well as the copy of the completed checklist and any problems and recommendations.

Three packages, for more flexibility




Simple, effective, have someone checking your boat regularly

  •  24/7 Remote boat monitoring system
  • 6 technical checks visits
  • Maintenance plan





Our client's favorite the boat is ready to go, looking nice anytime throughout the year

  •  24/7 Remote boat monitoring system
  • 6 technical checks visits
  • Maintenance plan
  • 6 technical checks visits more
  • 1 thorough exterior wash down / month
  • 1 Boat polishing each year
  • 1 bottom painting (antifouling) Each year




For an ever clean boat

  •  24/7 Remote boat monitoring system
  • 6 technical checks visits
  • Maintenance plan
  • 6 technical checks visits more
  • 1 thorough exterior wash down / month
Super basic Check Package



Simple, peace of mind

  • Maintenance plan
  • 1 Technical checks / month during the winter (6 months)

VIP services

LiveYacht provides its subscribers with private concierge services: management of laundry on board, delivery of shopping and nautical equipment, reservation of berths or restaurants, movement of the boat, or even coaching for the use and maintenance of the boat.

The private concierge service is an exclusive service for LiveYacht subscribers.

boat maintenance network in france

The LiveYacht mobile app, to monitor your boat remotely and "Live"

LiveYacht allows its customers to follow the maintenance of their boat remotely thanks to the LiveYacht mobile application. Thanks to this innovative application, LiveYacht has a real "live" aspect: customers can know when a service begins and when it ends.

They can view the report in the application where everything is archived and can also find a complete history of their boat on the application. For example, when two years have passed since the last engine overhaul, they receive a notification reminding them that it is time for a new one.

The application also offers a monitoring component, thanks to the electronic boxes installed by LiveYacht in each of its customers' boats. The boxes transmit boat data in real time: battery voltage, boat movement, presence of water in the hold, etc. When a problem is detected, the owner and LiveYacht receive an alert, and the maintenance team intervenes.

To sum up, LiveYacht combines electronic monitoring with verification and maintenance services, in the form of a subscription.

The origins of LiveYacht

LiveYacht was born out of the success of Master Yacht Services. We have forged a good reputation with boat owners, we have been contacted by several sea enthusiasts in conversion, who wanted to decline the concept of boat maintenance by subscription.

In addition, Master Yacht Services received many requests from yachtsmen who were not in its area of intervention. They were disappointed not to find an equivalent at home.

By creating LiveYacht, we kill two birds with one stone: we better meet the needs of yachtsmen and we help people to get started in this exciting profession!

About Florian Arneodo, founder of LiveYacht

Florian Arneodo


Passionate about yachts, Florian Arneodo started working in the yachting industry in 2001. For ten years, he was a deckhand then captain on luxury yachts in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Florida.

In 2010, Florian returned to his native region to start a family there. Although he didn't to sail the seas professionally, he did not give up his passion and embarked on a new adventure: after having identified a market deficiency, he created Master Yacht Services, to offer boat owners a service of high-end maintenance and management, in September 2010.

In ten years, our French Riviera company has thus developed thanks to word of mouth, becoming "the" good address that boat owners recommend.

Today, Master Yacht Services continues its growth with the foundation of a network of agencies which aims to deploy at the national level.

We are particularly open to applications from people who would like to join us and practice near their home in France but also anywhere in Europe.

Contact us today to find out the price of the subscription and the services specific to your boat


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